Gems RFS Type Electronic Flow Sensor

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Product Type:

Flow Sensors

Brand and Serie:

Gems Sensors (捷迈) RFS Series

Product Features:

  • Combines Visual Confirmation of Flow with Dynamic, Electronic Switch Operation 
  • Easy, Adjustable Switch Point Calibration: a Local LED Signals When Setpoint is Reached

Product Selection:

Download Gems_flow-set-point-switching-rfs-cat.pdf

Gems Sensors RotorFlow® Switches build an extra level of reliability and protection into your equipment. By principle of operation, the rotor cannot be deceived into indicating a positive flow situation when no flow actually exists. Once set to a desired actuation point, RotorFlow® will switch to a “no-flow” condition should the rotor stop for any reason. 


  • Semiconductor Processing Equipment 
  • Lasers 
  • Medical Equipment 
  • X-Ray and Other High Power Tubes 
  • Robotic Welding Equipment

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