Gems FS-4 Series Flow Switch

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Product Type:

Flow Switches

Brand and Serie:

Gems Sensors (捷迈) FS-4 Series

Product Features:

  • Flow Rate Settings: 0.1 GPM to 1.5 GPM
  • Port Size: 9/16" - 18 UNF
  • Primary Construction Material: Ryton®
  • Setting Type: Fixed
  • More robust porting hubs offer better structural integrity
  • Molded cable grommet offers improved moisture protection

Product Selection:

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Gems Sensors  FS-4 Series makes flow protection economical for a broad range of industrial applications such as welders, lubrication systems, medical sterilizers and laundry chemicals dispensing.  


  • Electronic Equipment: Laser Heads, Welders, Power Supplies, High Speed Spindles, X-Ray Tubes, Semiconductor Equipment 
  • Bearings or Gears: Presses, Rotating Equipment, Conveyors, Machine Tools, Robotics 
  • Processing & Dispensing Equipment: Water Purifications and Filtering, X-Ray Film Processing, Beverage Dispensing, Chemical Additives, Gas Sampling, Distilling

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