Gems RFA Type Electronic Flow Sensor

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Product Type:

Flow Sensors

Brand and Serie:

Gems Sensors (捷迈) RFA Series

Product Features:

  • Accurate Flow Rate Indication with Integral Visual Confirmation 
  • 0-10 VDC Analog Signal @ 1 mA Max 

Product Selection:

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Gems™ Sensors popularized the RotorFlow’s® paddlewheel design by combining high visibility rotors with solid-state electronics that are packaged into compact, panel mounting housings. They provide accurate flow rate output with integral visual confirmation and an unprecedented price/performance ratio. 


  • Water Purification/Dispensing Systems 
  • Chemical Metering Equipment 
  • Lasers and Welders 
  • Water Injection Systems 
  • Semiconductor Processing Equipment 
  • Chillers and Heat Exchangers

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